About Rx Holdings

RxH is a holding company that will acquire and grow pharmacy franchisors and generate better business outcomes through economies of scale. We are specialists in IT solutions that drive efficiency in community pharmacies.

RxH understands pharmacy management, franchising business models and electronic pharmacy solutions.

RxH will revitalise the existing pharmacy management business by aggregating power for small pharmacy franchisees. We will drive value growth through acquisition of pharmacy management companies and improve performance through technology and innovation.

Our goal is to be one of the top eight pharmacy groups by July 2018.

Decades of experience

Our combined decades of experience in franchising and technology solutions, we understand the intricacies of franchisor management. Our expertise runs downstream to through pharmacy franchisor companies to help local pharmacy maintain independence while being part of a much bigger organisation.

Power in numbers

The size of the Rx Holdings group means that our pharmacy management franchisors can offer synchronised platform that delivers multiple streams of pharmacy services and operations. This takes pressure off local pharmacy giving them the chance to do their most important job: looking after our community.

We deliver

We deliver large business tools to our pharmacy management companies, including Summit Pharmacy Group, Discount Pharmacy Group and The Bush Chemist.

Our strategy will bring huge cost savings, efficiency and service improvements to individual pharmacies.

Our experienced team

Phillip Shepherd

Phillip Shepherd


Bob Peterson

Bob Peterson


Mark Steidle

Mark Steidle

Chief Operating Officer

Russell Beattie

Russell Beattie

Strategy Director

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